Wizard of Oz Theme

Embrace the tornado and follow the yellow brick road to a land of make believe where the wizards are wonderful and witches come from all sides of the compass. Gather your friends and dress up as the famous characters while our event specialists create your very own version of Oz with our fantastic Wizard of Oz themed props and room dressing know-how!

As your guests enter our magical land, they’ll find that they’re ‘not in Kansas anymore’, or Manchester or Sheffield….Your venue will explode with colour and charm, from the bright yellows of that famous brick road, to reds and greens, blues and oranges — everything is bigger and brighter in Oz, even our flower props are giant sized!
Our poor lion (prop) is looking for his courage and our scarecrow certainly doesn’t have a brain, they’re looking for their very own Dorothy to help them keep clear of our wicked with (she’s a prop too) and find their way to the Emerald City to meet the Wizard!

As you journey through Oz, you’ll find your tables dressed in fun colours with feathered centrepieces, you’ll notice your room washed with a warm glow and you might even stumble across our 16ft dance floor — the residents of Oz have to party too!

When the food is eaten, the drink stops flowing and the Wizard is well and truly found, our events team will be on hand to pack everything away and you can return to Kansas by simply stepping out through the doors.

At iCatching Events, we pride ourselves on offering a creative solution to transforming your event. We offer a comprehensive event management service, from prop hire to creative theming, sound and lighting to video production, table dressing, chair covers, linen, we’ll even find you the ideal location. If you’re looking for a Wizard of Oz that is more magical and soft than icy and cold, we’re here to help. To discuss the requirements for your event, please give us a call on 0845 833 6372 or drop us an email.

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