Corporate Festivals

In the ever evolving world of corporate events, there’s growing popularity with redefining the traditional conference or seminar – the rise of corporate festivals. More than just your typical get-together with colleagues, corporate festivals are immersive experiences that blend business objectives with elements of celebration and entertainment. At iCatching events, we pride ourselves in our innovative corporate events.

Festival furniture-

Mixing comfort with style is key! At iCatching, we take the festival theme to new heights by offering an extensive selection of festival furniture that combines comfort with style. Say goodbye to mundane chairs and tables – here’s a glimpse into our vibrant collection:

Picnic benches are available in a variety of colours to best suit your colour scheme.

-We offer pallet cube seats and grass cube seats for a rustic yet temporary look that screams festival! They are the perfect furniture to add a little pizazz without monopolising too much space.

-Elevate your outdoor area with our charming garden benches, perfect for creating cozy seating areas.

-Make a statement with our deckchairs, not forgetting our larger than life option for that must-have festival photo!

-Rustic Island Sofas: Accompanied by our usual rustic sofas, these island sofas are ideal for creating comfortable lounging areas whilst still giving that authentic festival vibe.

-Keep the drinks flowing with our mobile rustic bar and grass bars, adding a touch of flair to any event.

-Add pops of colour and texture with our selection of futons, rugs, and beanbags, ensuring that every guest can relax in style.

Comfort is paramount when it comes to furniture, especially at events where guests expect nothing but the best.

Props for hire-

No festival-themed event is complete without the right props to set the scene. At iCatching, we offer an array of festival-themed props that will transform your event to a world of summer fun:

-Nothing screams summer festival like our giant flowers, guaranteed to make a statement at any event.

-Create a magical outdoor festival setting with our giant oak tree prop, complemented by smaller trees for added ambiance.

-Add a touch of rhythm and energy with our large steel drums.

-From exotic elephants (for a colourful mardi gras event) to playful woodland creatures, our range of animal props for hire adds an extra element of excitement to any outdoor event.

Adding the Finishing Touches-

It’s the little details that that truly tie together your festival event decor. Our selection of accents will help tie your festival theme together:

-Bring the outdoors into your event with our extensive range of artificial greenery, so realistic that you won’t even know the difference.

-Transform your venue with our colourful bunting, a subtle yet impactful addition to any festival-themed event.

Lighting: Setting the Mood-

Lighting plays a crucial role in creating the right ambiance for your event. Our selection of lighting options will help you set the correct mood and create a magical atmosphere:

-Add a warm and inviting glow with our festoon lighting, perfect for outdoor settings whilst still keeping true to the ambiance of the festival theme.

-Fashion a magical atmosphere with our fairy lights, a more delicate alternative to the festoon lights.

-Create depth with our uplighters and spotlights, adding drama to your event.

Activities: Fun for Everyone-

Keep the energy high at this corporate event. You will have the fun flowing with our selection of festival-inspired activities.

-Let loose and embrace your inner child with our bouncy castles and obstacle courses, perfect for team-building or family-friendly events.

-From coconut smash to beanbag toss, our game stalls provide endless entertainment for all attendees.

Photo Opportunities-

Ensure that your guests leave with enough memories that last a lifetime by providing them with the perfect photo opportunities.

-Immerse guests in the summer festival vibe with our stunning flower walls and living walls.

-For a unique twist, opt for our grass walls, which complement nearly every festival theme.

-Add a touch of glamour with our shimmer walls, perfect for capturing the glitz and glam side of festivals.

-Transform any room with our Mardi Gras imagine panels and enchanted backdrops.

At iCatching, we believe that every corporate do should be an unforgettable experience. With our wide range of festival furnishings, props, accents, lighting, activities, and photo opportunities, we’ll help you create an event that exceeds all expectations.

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