Roman Theme

Watched over by mighty gods and led by powerful warriors, ancient Rome is famous for it’s armies, stunning architecture and great leaders. Our Roman props and event expertise mean that it’s now possible to party in the glorious days of the Roman Empire at your very own Roman themed event.

Walk the red carpet and enter an event straight from the history books. Our stone bridge is a huge signature prop, taking you back to the days of Julius Caesar, when legends were being written and the future of Europe was being played out.

We’ll dress your venue with royal drapes and showcase our impressive Roman Centurion figure by carefully lighting it from below. Your tables will feature goblets and silverware fit for a Roman Commander while our lanterns light the walkways and our stone effect props and pillars bring the look and feel of Rome to your corner of the country. Our Roman statue props are brought to life in this setting and your guests will love the photo and ‘selfie’ opportunities that they generate.

At iCatching Events, we pride ourselves on offering a creative solution to transforming your event. We offer a comprehensive event management service, from prop hire to creative theming, sound and lighting to video production, table dressing, chair covers, linen, we’ll even find you the ideal location. Put on your best fancy dress and allow us to bring our Roman Empire to your own back yard. To discuss the requirements for your event, please give us a call on 0845 833 6372 or drop us an email.

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