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Just like in the movie, everyone at some point has wondered what it must be like to spend a night at the museum – well now you can! Our collection of props from all ages means that we’re in the perfect position to recreate a wonderful adventure through time and deliver the perfect ‘Night at the Museum’ themed event.

Your journey will begin in prehistoric times with life size dinosaurs, baby dinosaurs, skeletons and realistic bone props, showcased hiding amongst our artificial plants. Moving on, we’ll showcase present day animals with our jungle tour showing guests our lion, tiger, giraffe, elephants and chimps.

Next we’ll take you on a magic carpet ride to the mysterious middle east and a land of mythology and folklore, where our Moroccan style fabrics, terracotta pots, shisha pipes and tin lanterns are sure to amaze.

From the middle east to east London and our iconic British themed props. We have a post box and telephone box, British Bulldog and even the Queen’s Guard. Union flags and bunting complete the display.

There are so many options for your night at the museum that we simply can’t list them all, it’s a case of whatever takes your fancy! Are you interested in medieval times? Perhaps you’d like us to bring a little Grecian charm or Egyptian history? Maybe it’s the island life of Hawaii that you’d like on display? The museum is open, and the displays waiting to be filled!

At iCatching Events, we pride ourselves on offering a creative solution to transforming your event. We offer a comprehensive event management service, from prop hire to creative theming, sound and lighting to video production, table dressing, chair covers, linen, we’ll even find you the ideal location. Allow us to stock your museum with the wonders of the world – just don’t blame us when they come to life! To discuss the requirements for your event, please give us a call on 0845 833 6372 or drop us an email.

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