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Mardi Gras is celebrated throughout the world on the run up to lent. A time of carnivals and parties, where traditionally fatty foods are eaten before the fasting period. Here at iCatching we love throwing a party and have a huge selection of props that are perfect for your Mardi Gras themed event.

Originating in Medieval Europe, Mardi Gras made its way to New Orleans in the early 1700’s and it’s the New Orleans street parties and parades that many of us picture when we think of the festival today. For your event, we’ll be looking to create a vibrant, extravagant celebration with bright colours, larger than life props and fun, fun, fun!

Our room transformation team will get to work on your venue, colourful draping can bring light to even the dullest room and that’s just the start. We can dress your tables and chairs in multi-coloured fabrics. Our feathered table centres look lavish and our music silhouette panels will make you want to dance. With festoon lighting providing the carnival feeling your room will be ready to party!

We often find that props bring the theme to life and with Mardi Gras it’s no different. Our huge masquerade masks offer a stunning centre piece, giant trumpet and trombone props are just fun and our giant martini glass and perfume bottle will get your guests in the mood.

At iCatching Events, we pride ourselves on offering a creative solution to transforming your event. We offer a comprehensive event management service, from prop hire to creative theming, sound and lighting to video production, table dressing, chair covers, linen, we’ll even find you the ideal location. Mardi Gras may be celebrated on Shrove Tuesday, but we’ll ensure that pancakes are the last thing on your mind! To discuss the requirements for your event, please give us a call on 0845 833 6372 or drop us an email.

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