1980s Theme

What can we say about a 1980s themed event? An extremely popular choice for fancy dress parties due to a collection of fondly remembered movies, television and music, we have 1980s props that will raise a smile and bring back memories – some good and some not so good!

The 1980s was a decade that brought us the fantastic Shell Suit, a time when the empire struck back, He-Man saved the day in his underpants, Madness sung about baggy trousers and the question on everybody’s lips was ‘who shot J.R.???’

Our 1980s props are larger than life but then so was the technology of the decade. Our giant Walkman and giant ghetto blaster will take you back to a time when you carried your music around on your shoulder, our large Rubik cubes will remind you that you never did get around to completing that puzzle and our giant cassette tape… well everyone remembers recording the top 40 and pausing the tape at the end of each song?!!!

For those who pine for the days before Blu-ray consoles, we had real heroes like Pac-Man eating his dots, Donkey Kong throwing his barrels and Horris desperately crossing that road so that he could go skiing! If any of that makes sense to you, then our collection of arcade games is a must for your shopping list!

At iCatching Events, we pride ourselves on offering a creative solution to transforming your event. We offer a comprehensive event management service, from prop hire to creative theming, sound and lighting to video production, table dressing, chair covers, linen, we’ll even find you the ideal location. The 1980s is a fun theme for your event and a one which all of your guests will appreciate. To discuss the requirements for your event, please give us a call on 0845 833 6372 or drop us an email.

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