WOW! What an amazing Christmas.

Christmas 2013 was unbelievable here at iCatching Events and Media.  It was without a doubt our busiest so far.  It saw us expand our range of season-long install themed shows, giving, without doubt, the best value for money and most versatile shows in the country.

As part of our expansion, iCatching Events and Media, will be offering an even wider range of shows for season-long installs in 2014.  Wehave all of the usual suspects – Winter Wonderland, Narnia, Hollywood and James Bond.  However, if you are looking for something completely different, look no further.  Our Circus and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themes went down a storn this season and with the addition of the amazing new ‘Under the Sea’ theme, as well as a list as long as your arm, your 2014 theming task can be solved right here.

It’s not just the whole season that we can help you with.  If you are looking for one-off events, we are here to help.  And it’s not just props either.  Did you know that iCatching Events and Media can take care of everything from the sound and lighting, through to the table linen and venue dressing and much more in between.

We cover the whole country too.  We are based in Manchester, but regularly travel to Liverpool, London, Newcastle, Glasgow, Hull, Edinborough – even over to Ireland.

For ALL thing theming and for ALL things Christmas, think iCatching Events and Media.

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