Adding the Wow Factor to your Wedding

Wow Factor.  It’s almost a cliche to say it, but it is still something that every Bride and Groom seek as a way to make their Wedding stand out.  So what are the latest trends, and what should you be looking for in order to create that Wow Factor?

Over the past few years, twinkling dance floors have become more and more popular.  Today they are still as popular as ever, almost a must-have for your Wedding.  So how can you make your dance floor stand out from the rest.  Why not try a gobo, or name-in-lights as they are commonly known.  This is often used to project on image of the Bride and Groom’s initials onto the dance floor and is a relitively inexpensive addition as part of a dance floor package.

Lighting is another way to really make your Wedding stand out.  Remember that your Wedding is a major event in your life, so why not make it an event in the lives of your guests too.  It takes the right company with the right expertise to get the lighting to look cool. We aren’t just talking about cheesy DJ lighting here, we can create the right atmosphere for each party of your Wedding day, from the Wedding Breakfast, through to the evening reception, with special programmes for your first dance and party time.

Star Cloth in black has been a popular addition to events for years.  Here at iCatching, we have our stunning white star cloth available with enough in stock to cover all the walls in your room, creating a truely amazing feel to any venue.  Also great is you don’t like the look of the walls in your chosen venue.

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