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  • Professional Santa’s Grottos

  • Snow Globe Hire

  • Great Weekend Rates

  • Hotels, Event Venues, Shopping Centres

At iCatching, we aim to provide memorable experiences.

We hire and install Santa’s Grottos all over the UK.  With a range of indoor and outdoor grottos to suit all budgets.

So why not look at our options for your Santa’s Grotto experience?  We have a selection of set packages, listed below, that are based on the most popular requests by our clients, but we can create a package for you that suits your exact requirements.

Looking for a Santa and Elves? All of the props and theming elements of what we offer are provided in house by iCatching.  We work with the countries leading entertainment suppliers who can ensure the most reliable Santa’s and Elves to complete the look for your grotto.

Our inflatable snowglobes are incredibly popular and iCatching are known as one of the UK’s leading snow globe suppliers.  We use the highest quality snow globes and have a range of options, including our standard package and our custom branded packages.  Full details on our package can be found in the link below.

It’s impossible for us to go through everything here as we like to take your input in order to provide the event that you envision, we will just fade into the background. We’d love for you to give us a call on 0845 833 6372 (local rates) and we can arrange to meet you, either in our showroom or at a place convenient to yourself, to discuss your perfect event.

Call us on 0845 833 6372, for more information on how we can help you on your next event

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